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The cost of living is growing so much for everybody lately that it is a great time to start claiming some of that money back with a solar panel system and start selling some energy back to the grid as well as supplying your own needs. Skylamp Solar have the expert knowledge you need to get the best system for you up and running be it solar thermal, solar PV or a hybrid setup

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Solar Panel Installation

Like thousands of other people in the UK, you might be thinking about having solar panels installed. When considering a big investment like this, you'll have questions about the process...

Solar Panel Installation

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Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panel Removal
Solar Panel Repairs
Solar Panel Servicing & Maintenance
Commercial Solar Panel Installation
Solar PV Installation
Solar PV Inverter Replacement & Installation
Solar PV Storage Battery Installation
Solar PV Panel Removal
Solar PV Repairs
Solar PV Servicing & Maintenance
Hybrid Solar Panel Installation
Solar For Farms
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Solar PV Installation Services

Solar PV Installation

Are you thinking of having solar panels installed? You're not alone, as thousands of people are choosing renewable energy to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and to lower the cost of energy bills...

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Solar PV Inverter Replacement & Installation

Is your solar PV inverter not performing as well as it used to? Are you not getting the return on investment you expected? It may be that your solar inverter needs replacing. It could also be that your warranty has expired and you need urgent help....

Solar PV Inverter Replacement & Installation

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Solar PV Panel Removal

Solar PV Panel Removal

Whether you invested in solar panels for your home or business, or they were in place when you moved into the property, there are times when they need to be taken down.


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