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How Much Does It Cost To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

So you've just gone through the entire solar panel installation process and now you've noticed pesky pigeons nesting in your solar panels? Or maybe you haven't even had them installed yet, but you've heard the horror stories of how these nesting birds make themselves at home in the solar panels you've worked so hard for?

Whatever the case, pigeon proofing solar panels is a really important task - and whether you've listened to advice or learned from a previous mistake, it doesn't really matter. Solar panel protection is vital - and one of the best ways to do that is to pigeon proof solar panels.

Solar panel pigeon proofing is something you could carry out yourself - and we'll tell you exactly how below - OR you can hire professionals (like us here at Skylamp Solar) to carry out our pigeon proofing services for you.

Either way, pigeon proofing solar panels is going to cost, so you'll probably want to know how much, right? No problem, we'll cover all that today, too. Ready to get started? Then let's jump right in!

Should I Bother Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels?

Solar panel pigeon protection might not sound like a pressing matter when you first get your solar panels installed. After all, what business do pigeons have hanging out in and around your solar panels? But this stance is dangerous.

You absolutely should pigeon proof your solar panels. Pigeons damage solar panels and they're considered pest birds. Though native and natural, England have long considered pigeons to be a nuisance, and in the solar panel world, they certainly are.

So if you haven't already, pigeon proofing your solar panels should be a priority. It will keep those feral pigeons away and protect your investment in the long run. Say you ignore our advice, though, what would really happen?

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How Much Does It Cost To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

What Happens If I Leave A Pigeon Problem Untreated?

Pigeon proofing solar panels is essential - all the solar panels technicians the world over will tell you that. Leaving pigeons in your solar panels will cause solar panel damage. Pigeons don't care about your green switch to solar power - they just see an opportunity to seek shelter and find a new home...


Birds nesting = nesting materials, and nesting material = mess. Twigs, leaves, pigeon debris - you'll find it all in a pigeon's nest. This mess can become really obvious over time if you leave the pigeons to continue nesting in your solar panels.

Solar panels provide the perfect nesting area, but those nesting materials they bring with them will become an eyesore, and might even cause damage to the solar panel - bird proofing solar panels, then, is a must.

Bird Droppings

Pigeon droppings are not pleasant to deal with. Not only will it make your solar panels look bad, but their droppings will soon cover the floor, roof, windows, and walls of your house and in the surrounding area. If their droppings find their way on to a solar panel itself, then it will block the sun rays and affect solar panel efficiency.

When bird droppings aren't cleaned up, their acidic nature can cause further problems, removing paintwork and causing damage. It's also incredibly risky stuff to have around, especially if you have kids, because bird droppings are known to spread disease and infection. If a solar panel pigeon gang doesn't bother you, their droppings will. And then you'll see the importance of pigeon proofing solar panels.

Bird Mites

The reason pest control is so often called in for pigeons is because of bird mites. These mites can quickly find their way into your home from the roof, causing all manner of pest problems.

Not least of which is their biting. It can lead to dermatitis, and even if it doesn't, the nasty, itchy bite mark they leave behind will be enough of a nuisance to make you wish you'd carried out some pigeon proofing services of your own. Pigeons underneath solar panels for shelter doesn't sound so bad, but when those mites start biting, you'll want to pigeon proof your solar panels just to get them gone...

Disturbed Nights

The noise pigeons make at night is, frankly, unreasonable. They're most active at dawn and dusk, meaning when you and the kids are trying to get some shuteye, your friendly solar panel pigeons are cooing and flapping around on your roof. And yes, they really are loud enough to keep you awake.

Once pigeon proofed, though, pigeons will be unable to form a solar panels pigeon gang, and you'll be able to go right back to sleeping soundly throughout the night. Sounds good, right?

Structural Damage

Another benefit to pigeon proofing is knowing that your solar panels (and indeed, your entire roof) are free from structural damage. They might not look particularly destructive, but as soon as they gain access to your solar panels, the damage starts. Their nesting material can scratch up your solar panels on their way in, and we've already talked about the droppings dilemma...

Away from your solar panels, they can also damage your roof. Roof tiles are usually the first to get damaged by the seemingly constant movement of the pigeons on your roof - and it's usually at this stage, when the pigeons cause damage to property, that people call up pest control and ask them to carry out bird control services on their property.

To avoid the threat of damage altogether, you know what to do. Pigeon proofing solar panels really is as important as we're making it out to be. As a solar panel company, we know how important making the switch to solar is for many people. Which is why we're so passionate about protecting your investment. Solar panels aren't cheap, and having more costs involved due to damage just isn't fair.

So prevent it, by pigeon proofing solar panels and protecting your investment. It just makes sense. But how exactly do you do it?

How To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels?

Deciding that pigeon proofing solar panels is your best bet is a natural conclusion - but before you can ask 'how much does it cost?' you need to know what your options are. And there are two main pigeon proofing methods:

  • anti roosting spikes
  • bird mesh or steel mesh

Both methods are relatively inexpensive, but the installation and labour costs involved will make a difference. More on that later. For now, let's talk about each method and its effectiveness.

How To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

Anti Roosting Spikes

Anti roosting spikes are a relatively cheap and effective way to keep pigeons at bay. You can pick out these plastic spikes in almost any DIY shop or garden centre, and they're designed to simply sit in the places that pigeons would usually nest or perch. They won't hurt the pigeons either. That isn't the aim of bird control.

The bird spikes simply take up space on and around the solar panels that pigeons would otherwise sit on. Essentially, they make nesting in your solar panels more hassle than it's worth, because these spikes are simply too uncomfortable and too inconvenient for pigeons to sit on. As pigeon proofing solar panels goes, this is a strong option.

Bird Mesh

Another option is bird mesh. Now, it's important to note that this is the real deal. Steel mesh designed to go around the entire perimeter of your solar panel system so pigeons and other birds can't get near them. The mesh doesn't affect the solar panels effectiveness, either, so you don't need to worry about that.

The steel mesh is simply clipped to the solar panel frames themselves to secure it in place, and then the birds can't get in. Steel is important, though, a cheap replacement like chicken wire won't do the job. Substandard materials lead to substandard results, and you'll soon notice the pigeons have found a way in. Use the proper method, though, and you won't face pigeon problems for years to come.

DIY Vs Hiring The Professionals

Are bird proofing services something you can carry out yourself, or is it something best left to the professionals? Well, that largely depends on how easy it is to safely access your solar array, and how confident you are at securing the mesh or spikes or both in place for pigeon proofing.

Don't forget, you'll need to hire a pest control company at the very least to remove pigeons before you place any mesh or spikes down. It's important that this is done by professionals who have the right training and expertise, so no harm comes to the pigeons, no damage is done to your property, and to ensure there's no risk to health.

If you don't currently have a pigeon problem but you'd just like to pigeon proof your solar panels as a precaution, then yes, you can do the work yourself. If your roof is easy to access and there's no pest control involved, it could just be as simple as attaching bird mesh to your solar panels and Voila - pigeon proofing complete.

Of course, you could also opt for a professional route, where a team like ours here at Skylamp Solar can handle everything for you. As a solar panel company, we know how to keep yours protected.

In any case - whether you're doing it alone or calling in the pros - you'll need to know what needs to happen before you can understand the cost breakdown...

Bird Proofing Solar Panels: What's Involved?

Solar panel bird proofing isn't always straightforward, especially if you have a pigeon problem already. But there's always a route forward, so let's talk you through the steps!

Pigeon Proof Solar Panel

1. Removing Pigeons Nesting In Your Solar Panels

The first stage of solar panel bird proofing is, well, removing the birds. And that will NEED to involve a pest control company at the very least. A pest company will take care of removing all the birds, including dead pigeons, baby pigeons, and everything in between. Trust us, this isn't a task you'll want to do yourself and this isn't a task you can do yourself.

Removing birds from your solar panels is a complex and potentially dangerous thing. It's dangerous for you from a health and safety perspective, and it's dangerous for the birds who could easily be hurt during the process if it isn't done right.

Whenever you hire anybody to carry out pigeon proofing and pigeon removal, they MUST BE registered with the British Pest Control Association. This is essentially a green light saying that the company are experts at pest control and pigeon removal, and that it will be carried out in a thorough, effective, and safe way.

If you take one piece of advice from today's post, let it be this: never try to remove pigeons from solar panels yourself.

2. Cleaning Up The Mess

Solar panel cleaning will need to be next. It makes sure the solar panels are free of droppings that can affect their effectiveness, and it makes sure there is no damage to the solar panels, too. Not only that, but if you hire professionals to pigeon proof for you, they should also remove nesting materials from the roof as a whole and clean the entire area.

Even with mesh or spikes, if there is a mess left behind that indicates that a pigeon nest was once there, you run the risk of pigeons trying their best to return. They might not be able to access your solar panels because of the deterrents you've installed, but that won't stop them from being in the area, making a racket, and leaving droppings all over your roof and house still. So the clean up of the mess is just as important.

3. Cleaning With Biocide

Cleaning with biocide is something the professionals will do during the pigeon proofing process, too. This is important for removing bird mites, droppings, and other nastiness left behind by the pigeons. It will clear up the solar panels and make them more effective, too. Once all the residue is gone and the panels are clean, you can move on to the actual pigeon proofing.

4. Mesh Vs Anti Roosting Spikes

Next up, professionals (or you) can install the mesh, spikes, or both. This is the easiest part of the bird proofing process because it's so easy to do. With the mesh, you simply clip it to the solar panel frame. And with the spikes, you just look for areas that the birds can perch or nest, and stick them down. Make sure everything is secure so the pigeons can't find their way in and the wind can't blow it out of the way.

Once the deterrent devices are in place, pigeons won't be able to gain access and you can enjoy a good night's sleep once more!

Steps You Can Take To Prevent Pigeons In The First Place

In addition to the mesh and spikes, you can try a few other things to prevent pigeons from returning once you've finished the pigeon proofing:

  • Decoys - Lightweight decoys are a great way to keep pigeons and other animals at bay. Think of birds of prey, for example. If you place a fake bird of prey on your roof, pigeons will naturally stay away.
  • Keep a clean garden - If there's no debris or twigs for nesting, then pigeons won't want to hang around. It's as simple as that.
  • Keep everything secure - If you have bins outside, make sure they're secure. Pet food, too, if you keep it outside. If birds and animals can smell it, they will come, so do your best to keep everything secure and hidden away. That way, pigeons won't be attracted to your property.

How Much Does It Cost To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels?

Now that we've talked about how to pigeon proof solar panels, let's talk about the cost of it all. Of course, there will be cost variations based on a few things:

  • Labour costs
  • Materials
  • Additional structural support - if your roof isn't easy to access, scaffolding or platforms may be required
  • How many solar panels need protecting - the more there are, the more expensive the job is
  • DIY vs professionals - it's cheaper to do it yourself, of course, but you might not get the results you were hoping for...

The cost to pigeon proof your solar panels will vary considerably, but as a rough guide, prices start from around £300 including all labour costs and materials for smaller jobs, but for more robust protection and larger jobs, prices can reach £800 and up. This will guarantee protection for years to come and ensure your solar panels are clean and working correctly after your pigeon problem.

For an exact figure - get in touch. We can tell you the cost to pigeon proof your solar panels much easier when we know the scale of the job and what you need to do. Reach out today, and you can decide if the quote works for you!

Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

Your Next Steps

If you're ready to pigeon proof your solar panels now that you know how much it is likely to cost, then reach out today. We'd be happy to come along and help you deter those pesky pigeons. And we can do so in a way that suits you - spikes, mesh, or both. Here at Skylamp Solar we're always excited when we get the chance to protect solar panels, so reach out today!

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