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Solar Panel Installation Cazenove

Like thousands of other people in Cazenove, you might be thinking about having solar panels installed. When considering a big investment like this, you'll have questions about the process.

If so, Skylamp Solar in Cazenove has all the answers you need. Our expert team has knowledge and experience in the solar panel installation process and they are happy to provide advice and information to guide you through your solar journey.

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Solar Panels Be Installed On Any Roof

Can Solar Panels Be Installed On Any Roof?

Unfortunately, no.

Although most roofs in Cazenove are suitable, certain materials don't lend themselves well to solar panel installations. We need to establish what roof material you have as soon as possible so we can assess whether it's viable.

The following list gives an idea of which materials are okay and which aren't:

Suitable Roofing Materials

Unsuitable Roofing Materials

Roof Orientation

Roof Pitch (Slope)

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Solar Thermal Or Solar PV panels?

A great number of people believe that there's only one type of solar panel, but there are currently two to choose from (although hybrid solar panels are now also available as a third option).

To keep things simple, here's a basic overview of what these are:

Solar Thermal Or Solar PV panels

Solar PV panels

Solar Thermal Panels

Hybrid Solar Panels

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How Long Does Solar Panel Installation Take

How Long Does Solar Panel Installation Take?

The average fitting in Cazenove takes between one and two days, taking a typical two or three-bedroom house as an example.

The type of roofing material makes a difference, as some will require extra work and more careful handling, which will extend the time taken.

Larger projects - particularly on commercial sites - will obviously take longer, but it is always our intention to install your solar system quickly and efficiently.

However, there may be instances when the work is affected by unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. In these cases, the work could be interrupted or delayed but we will always endeavour to finish the job as soon as the situation is resolved.


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The Cazenove Solar Panel Installation Process

The first stage is to arrange for a structural survey and inspection of your loft space and roof. During this survey, we will check for any signs of rot or unsafe joints as we must be certain that your roof will take the weight of the solar panels.

Measurements will be also taken so the team knows how to space the mounts.

The Solar Panel Installation Process


Attaching The Mounts

Installing The Panels

Wiring The System

System Test


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How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels

Average Solar Panel Installation Cost

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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels?

Of the two, you'll probably get more out of the photovoltaic system.

A thermal system will provide hot water, and (in some cases) can be connected to your central heating. The main benefit is lower energy bills and less reliance on fossil fuels.

Photovoltaic panels, on the other hand, offer the same benefits but with an added bonus: you can run all of your electrical appliances and sell excess electricity back to the national energy grid. However, this requires an extra upfront cost as you will need battery storage to do this.

Another advantage of a solar PV system is that solar electricity can be used to run heat pumps, saving you even more on energy bills.

One of the biggest benefits of the solar PV panel system is the prospect of being paid by your electricity supplier for exported electricity.

This happens under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme that replaced the Feed-in Tariff in 2020. The UK government introduced these schemes to encourage investment in renewable energy. It's likely that this scheme will end or be altered in the near future as technology advances and the government strives to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

However, in the meantime, you will be paid an average of £200 per year under the Smart Export Guarantee for generating energy and selling it back to the grid.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the uncertainty and turmoil in recent times surrounding the energy price cap and the energy market in general, any of the figures shown here may change drastically. On the whole, it's good news for anyone who invests in their own renewable electricity using solar power as they will make even bigger savings.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels

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Will I Need Planning Permission

Planning Permission Is Not Required As Long As...

Planning Permission May Be Required If...

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Skylamp Solar Solar Panel Installation

When you decide to have solar panels installed, it's wise to choose a professional company to do the job. This is skilled work, fitting highly technical equipment, and your investment is at risk if you employ unqualified or inexperienced contractors.

At Skylamp Solar in Cazenove, we will walk you through each stage of the process, from initial contact to the time our team leaves the site. And even after this, we are here if you have any concerns or questions about your newly-fitted solar panels.

An investment in solar power is an investment in the future. You will generate your own energy and save money!

Skylamp Solar Solar Panel Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

How much energy can I expect my solar panel system to generate?

The latest domestic solar panels can generate around 250-400 watts each per hour and solar panel systems have around a 1KW - 4KW capacity. However the amount of energy a solar panel system can generate depends on several factors, including the size of the system, the location, and the amount of sunlight the panels receive.

Do I need to make any changes to my home's electrical system before installing solar panels?

It depends on the specific circumstances of your home. Our solar panel engineer will be able to assess your current electrical system and determine if any changes or upgrades are necessary and any associated costs.

Are solar panels suitable for all types of roofs?

Solar panels can be installed on a variety of roof types, including asphalt shingle, metal, tile, and flat roofs. However, some roofs may not be suitable for solar panel installations, such as those that are too old, too damaged, or too steeply sloped. A solar panel installation team will assess your roof and determine if it is suitable for solar panels.

What is the lifespan of a solar panel system?

The lifespan of a solar panel system is typically 25-30 years, and some panels may last even longer. The panels are designed to be durable and withstand exposure to the elements, but it is important to maintain the system according to the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure its longevity.

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