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Solar PV Servicing Green Street West 

As experts in solar panel installation, we are often asked whether solar panels require servicing and maintenance to keep them running.

While you might find that some sources suggest that it's not necessary, the answer is actually more complicated than this. You'll find websites claiming that solar panels don't need servicing at all and that anyone offering a maintenance service is only after your money.

However, we're going to give a more balanced view.

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Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar PV Panel Maintenance In Green Street West

Solar panels are essential to the success of the entire system, and they're the part that faces the biggest risk. They're exposed to all kinds of weather, fluctuating temperatures, contamination from dirt and debris, and potential damage from falling branches or large birds.

When a solar PV system is first installed, a lot of thought will have gone into situating it in the right place at the best angle to catch the sun's rays.

When fitted by professionals, like Skylamp Solar, you can be sure that the mounts will stay secure for many years, but there is always a small risk that a panel may have been loosened or damaged by wind, weather or animals.

Is Solar Maintenance Really Necessary?

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Solar Panel Cleaning

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Other System Components

Aside from your solar panels, there is the inverter and solar battery storage to consider. These generally have a shorter lifespan than your solar panels and will need to be replaced at some stage.

It's worth having these checked out periodically just to ensure that they are working correctly. Although you don't want the expense of replacing these too soon, a malfunctioning unit may damage the entire system or make it run inefficiently. Neither of these will do you any favours and will incur even more expense!

When we inspect your solar panels, we will also check these components to ensure they are in full working order.

Other System Components

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Solar Panel Maintenance Costs

Solar Panel Maintenance Costs

Maintenance service costs for solar panels will vary from region to region and each company will have its own rates. The average cost of annual solar panel maintenance in the UK is £150, which includes a visual inspection, checking the meter, inverter, the condition of the roof, cabling, and a voltage check. The visual inspection will look for any insurable damage and dirt (often using a drone) to see if any repair work or cleaning is necessary.

Cleaning Costs

Many professional cleaning services offer to clean solar panels, but they are not qualified to carry out any other work and it would void any warranty if they did so. In fact, it's best to check the details of your warranty or guarantee, as some stipulate that the panels should not be handled by anyone other than a qualified solar panel engineer.

The average cost of cleaning solar panel systems is £9.50 per panel.


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Skylamp Solar Panel Maintenance In Green Street West

At Skylamp Solar, we believe in a proactive approach to looking after your solar PV system.

There are some tasks that you can do yourself to keep maintenance servicing and repair costs down. The first job is to monitor the generation meter and solar inverter to see how much energy is being produced.

Check these (and any other gadgets) regularly and ask yourself are my solar panels generating as much energy as they ought to be? When they were fitted, you would have been given an estimated annual generation figure. If the generation meter indicates that the output shows a significant drop in output, then there may be a problem, in which case solar panel maintenance is highly advisable.

Also, check for any warning lights or messages that suggest a problem with the system or the power supply.

On the practical side, ensure that any overhanging trees are kept in check so that your solar system gets enough sunlight.

Skylamp Solar in Green Street West will handle the rest with our comprehensive annual service that will keep your system running perfectly and your energy bills low.

Contact our Green Street West team today to discuss prices and what's included in the annual servicing schedule. We'll help you to save money and get the very best out of your solar panels.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should PV panels be serviced?

You only need to get solar panels & system serviced once per year max.

What maintenance is needed for a PV system?

The solar panels have no moving parts so are pretty maintenance free, but your inverter and battery storage have a shorter lifespan and may require more regular checks to make sure they are running at optimal performance.

How many times a year should solar panels be cleaned?

It is generally advised to clean your solar panels every 6 months to 1 year to remove any caked on bird droppings, debris, leaves or dirt.

Does rain clean solar panels?

Unfortunately not, it will wash away loose dirt but then it accumulates into the corners and edges of the solar panels which becomes thicker and then blocks the sun's rays and causes hot spots.

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