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Solar Panel Repairs Stockwell 

Do your solar panels need fixing? Are you concerned that your solar panel system is underperforming and you suspect that there's a fault in the panels?

The Skylamp Solar solar panel engineers know all there is to know about the subject, and we offer a first-class solar panel fault-finding and repair service in Stockwell.

When you've invested so much, it's essential that any faults are discovered and fixed quickly. Solar panels are a good way to save money on energy bills, but only if the system works efficiently. And when the system breaks down or efficiency is lower than expected it is no longer cost-effective.

So, what can go wrong, and what will Skylamp Solar do about it? Let's find out.

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Solar Panel Repairs - Fault Finding

Fault Finding

On the whole, solar panels are robust, well-built and will last for many years. The average warranty these days is between twenty-five and thirty years.

They are designed to be low-maintenance and to perform at peak efficiency (around 90%) for at least ten years, falling to 80% for the remaining time.

Sadly, that doesn't mean that they are immune to damage or faults.

As most solar panels are situated on a roof, it's unlikely that you'll be aware of any physical damage or obvious faults unless you climb up to take a look. The first you'll know about it is when power generation drops drastically, or you realise that there's not enough power coming through to run your household appliances.

Here are some common problems that Skylamp Solar engineers in Stockwell have to deal with:

Delamination And Corrosion

Physical Damage


Faulty Wiring

Hot spots

Snail Trails

Potential Induced Degradation (PID)

Panels In Need Of Cleaning

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Regular Maintenance

Even though solar panels come with long warranties, we strongly recommend that you consider regular solar panel maintenance work.

The secret to making your solar panels work for you is to keep them in excellent condition for as long as possible. It's a balancing act, as you need to be sure that your system is cost-effective and that you are getting a return on your investment.

That's why Skylamp Solar is the right choice; with competitive pricing and a highly efficient team, we will never perform any unnecessary work and will always strive to keep your solar panels running at peak performance.

Even if you have a new system, it's a good idea to arrange an annual inspection and maintenance schedule for your peace of mind.

Regular Maintenance

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How Much Do Solar Panel Repairs Cost

How Much Do Solar Panel Repairs Cost?

It all depends on the problem and the measures required to fix it.

Although Skylamp Solar engineers carry certain spare parts, we may need to order some parts as there are many different solar panel brands, each with their own price bands.

Rather than offering vague figures, it's best if you contact us with a specific issue. If you're not sure what the problem is (which is often the case!), we are happy to inspect your whole solar thermal system to discover what the problem is.

Either way, we can give you a personal quote when we have worked out what the problem is and what action we need to take.

On balance, it costs less to maintain solar panels rather than having to try to fix them at a later date. Solar panel maintenance and annual inspection are essential to the long life of your solar array, and will help them to deliver the best performance.


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Skylamp Solar Panel Repairs Stockwell

It's important to stress that solar panels are a good investment; they save money on energy bills and help you to become energy independent. They also reduce your carbon footprint by at least 13%, and as technology advances, they will deliver even better benefits.

They are also low-maintenance and should last for many years, and all of the problems mentioned here are pretty rare. Some will only be an issue with cheaper brands while others can be avoided through careful monitoring of the system and by a sensible approach to maintenance.

The trick is to invest in a good quality system, use a trusted, professional company to have it installed and have the system cleaned and inspected about once a year.

Skylamp Solar can help on all of these counts, helping you to make the most of your solar panels.

So, if you are experiencing problems with your panels, or you need advice about installation, call our Stockwell team today and we'll guide you along every step of the way.

Skylamp Solar Solar Panel Repairs
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common solar panel problems?

The most common solar panel problem is hot spots, a part of the panel gets hotter than the rest. If the power inside cannot get through the pathways it gets hotter.

What are the 3 most common solar PV system failures?

Potential induced PID caused by leaks down through the ground earth, hot spots caused by faulty cells and pathways, cracks within the cells resulting in a poor energy conversion rate.

Can a damaged solar panel be repaired?

It is rare that a solar panel can be repaired as it is a sealed unit but we can diagnose the faulty panel or other part of your system and replace those parts.

Can you replace old solar panels with new ones?

Yes you can retrofit new solar panels to replace aged or damaged solar panels as long as the frequency matches.

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