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Solar Panel Servicing Haltwhistle 

Do solar panels need regular maintenance and servicing? It's a question that Skylamp Solar customers in Haltwhistle often ask.

Advice on this subject is often vague or contradictory; some sources suggest it is necessary, while others claim that companies that offer to service or maintain solar panels are taking your money needlessly.

So, which one is right?

As solar panel specialists, Skylamp Solar in Haltwhistle strongly recommends that all solar systems are inspected and serviced regularly. Why is this? You can find out more right here.

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Solar Panel Lifespan

Solar Panel Lifespan

Most solar panels come with a long warranty, with an average of 25 years. This means that the manufacturers are confident that their products will last a good long time - and, on the whole, they do.

Solar panels have no moving parts, so there's not much to wear out. They are made up of a sandwich of glass, metal and plastic, which, if made to a high standard, will provide many years of faithful service.

Does that mean they never go wrong? Of course not- just like any other technical or electrical item, they can break down or experience problems. And the best way to avoid this is to make an annual service, inspection and maintenance schedule.

But what exactly can go wrong? Let's take a look at the more common problems.

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Main Solar Panel Faults

Solar panels are built to withstand all weather, from blazing sunshine to hail storms.

However, there are problems that can arise, including the following.

Main Solar Panel Faults

Hot Spots



Physical Damage

The PID Effect

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning in Haltwhistle

Although some people say that your panels don't need cleaning, this is asking for trouble. As we've seen, dirty solar panels can develop hot spots. And as the dirt builds up, the solar cells won't get as much sunlight, meaning that energy production will be lower.

While they are often described as 'self-cleaning', all this means is that the panels are hydrophobic; water doesn't adhere to the surface. The aim is that rainwater will carry dirt and dust away, but this isn't always the case. Moss, dust, leaves and bird droppings that remain in place will affect output negatively. In fact, studies show that clean solar panels are up to 50% more efficient than dirty ones.

Skylamp Solar can include cleaning in your regular solar maintenance service if you wish, to save you the hassle and keep your solar panels generating as much energy as possible.


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Regular Servicing & Maintenance With Skylamp Solar

Now, you might be worried about these problems, but the fact remains that a solar thermal system is an excellent way of reducing your energy bills, as well as your carbon footprint.

Despite the issues listed above, they are low-maintenance and should last for years. If there are any problems, they're likely to relate to the solar inverter or power supply (don't panic - we can check these as well!).

The bottom line is that you bought your solar panels to save money, so spending cash on servicing and maintenance isn't an attractive option.

Skylamp solar panel maintenance and servicing in Haltwhistle helps you to achieve a balance, keeping your system generating energy for longer and with improved efficiency.

Call our Haltwhistle team today to get a personal quote and discover how we can help you get the most from your solar panels.

Regular Servicing and Maintenance With Skylamp Solar
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should thermal panels be serviced?

You only need to get thermal solar panels & system serviced once per year max.

What maintenance is needed for a thermal solar system?

The solar panels have no moving parts so are pretty maintenance free but it is advised to keep them clean for optimal performance and at the same time check for any damage or faults.

How many times a year should solar panels be cleaned?

It is generally advised to clean your solar panels every 6 months to 1 year to remove any caked on bird droppings, debris, leaves or dirt.

Does rain clean solar panels?

Unfortunately not, it will wash away loose dirt but then it accumulates into the corners and edges of the solar panels which becomes thicker and then blocks the sun's rays and causes hot spots.

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