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Solar PV Repairs Haltwhistle 

At Skylamp Solar, we understand that buying a solar PV system is a major investment.

So, when they break down or don't run as efficiently as they should, it can be extremely frustrating. Understandably, you want your solar panel system up and running as soon as possible and working at maximum efficiency.

The Skylamp Solar expert solar PV repair team in Haltwhistle can assist you in these cases. With an excellent working knowledge of the subject, we can have your solar panels generating electricity again very soon.

Read on to discover what can go wrong, why it does so, and what Skylamp Solar will do to put it right.

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Solar PV Repairs

Solar PV Panels

Most solar panels are sold with a long warranty, usually 25 years, which is a sign of their quality and robust nature. As they have few moving parts, there's not much wear and tear to worry about.

Even so, there are several issues to watch out for, and it's vital that these are identified and fixed as soon as possible. One faulty panel can affect the whole system, causing a significant drop in electricity generation.

These are the problems to be aware of:


Hot Spots


Delamination & Internal Corrosion

Snail Trails

PID - Potential Induced Degradation

Wiring Issues

Dirty Panels

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Solar Inverters

This is the heart of the whole solar PV system, or more accurately, the brain. It converts solar power into usable electricity and allows you to send surplus energy to the grid.

The entire system is controlled and monitored from here, and this is a good place for discovering any problems with the energy output, flow and efficiency. Most will flash fault codes to let you know there's a problem, which can be helpful.

Unfortunately, there are also a few inverter faults that you might encounter:

Solar Inverters


MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Module

Incorrectly Installed Inverter

End Of Life Cycle

Generation Meter (Solar Meter)

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Solar PV Repair Costs

Solar PV Repair Costs

After making such a large investment in your solar system, it's clear that you want to keep maintenance and repair costs down as much as possible.

The best way to do this is to have the system fitted by a company you can trust (like Skylamp Solar). You could also benefit from regular solar panel maintenance or an annual service.

As for the cost of repairs, it's impossible to offer a figure as each fault will need careful inspection to determine the best solution. Please contact us if you need further guidance on this.

If you do need a new inverter, this will cost between £1,000 and £6,000 depending on the size and type.


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Skylamp Solar PV Repairs In Haltwhistle

Solar energy already plays a big role in the switch to renewable energy in Haltwhistle, and this is set to increase in the future.

Solar PV systems are at the heart of this, and it pays to look after your investment, particularly during this time of uncertainty and upheaval around ever-rising energy prices.

That means keeping an eye out for problems and resolving them proactively rather than reactively; it makes sense to maintain solar panels regularly.

Skylamp Solar can help you with solar PV repairs in Haltwhistle and solar panel cleaning services. We offer reasonably priced solar PV maintenance to keep your system running cost-effectively and help you get the best return on your investment.

Get in touch with our Haltwhistle team today to discover more about our solar panel maintenance service and see how we can keep your solar panels generating clean energy for longer.

Skylamp Solar Solar Panel Maintenance & Repairs
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can cause the inverter not to charge?

When an inverter stops charging it is most often the battery that is faulty and possibly dead and in need of replacement.

What is the life expectancy of a solar inverter?

Most solar inverters need to be replaced at around 10-12 years after installation depending on the brand yet some can fail much earlier.

What are the most common solar panel problems?

The most common solar panel problem is hot spots, a part of the panel gets hotter than the rest. If the power inside cannot get through the pathways it gets hotter.

What are the 3 most common solar PV system failures?

Potential induced PID caused by leaks down through the ground earth, hot spots caused by faulty cells and pathways, cracks within the cells resulting in a poor energy conversion rate.

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